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Fernando had to attend his school, he could not abandon his father, who was his sole resource for subsistence, he spent the nights at the bedside of the patient, or lying at her feet like a greyhound, tied with a girdle around his arm, so that her mother would call her when she felt the access of the horrible evil that deprived her of consciousness, and that when it passed, left her reason unhinged.

Fernando went about his chores, leaving his mother’s precious life to the discretion of a twelve to thirteen-year-old maid.

When Fernando returned to the house, she found it perfectly clean; Eleanor had cooked, swept, cured the sick, consoling her of her sorrows, the angel being good, the aroma and light of that mansion of pain and misery …

And while Leonor was so diligent and careful, she avoided seeing Fernando, watched his steps, used subterfuge so that her favors would not humble her, and had delicacies that reveal a sublime and generous soul.

As these attentions became more sensitive, Ferdinand was more respectful to his benefactress, to whom he professed passionate gratitude.

Miguel received his law degree, and shortly after graduation, he obtained a post in Mazatlan, leaving me (leaving Fernando) in charge of the house, although, as has been said, an uncle of Miguel’s mother was his support. Fernando varied from room to room and from fortune I don’t know why accidents.

One night, at the wrong time, passing in front of the Profesa, two ladies crossed with Fernando, with a strange precipitate: one of them, an old woman, was suffocating: Fernando followed them, and those voices sounded flooded with tears …

“My uncle has just died,” answered Leonor, let’s go to her house, Capuchinas street. God has brought us to you!

They went on their way in silence; the lady was sobbing …. they entered a large house …. Fernando begged the doorman to tell the lady her mother not to wait for her.

The room into which they entered was deserted; in the center was a bed, between four sturdy wax cubes. On the bed was the corpse, with his San Francisco habit, his hands crossed over his chest … and his horrible silence on his rigid features.

Fernando and Leonor stood, looking for a cool, on the balcony. The unhappy girl cried without consolation …. Fernando was profoundly silent.

On the sidewalk of the room in which this scene took place, the shadow fell, and the intense light of the candles was reflected in

the opposite wall; On the rooftops that could be seen from the balcony, the moon was shining, and to the south, fleeting lightning snaked over the mountains.

The situation could not be prolonged … Fernando began by exciting Leonor to take care of her mother, so that she, so tender and generous, comfort her, and raise her spirit to the consideration that she was the protection of her family .