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seductions and adulteries, as long as they balance on the opposite dish, the banknotes.

In all the United States there is no question: who is this man? but how much is that man worth? and that single feature characterizes society. Of course, there are exceptions in everything.

Poverty is much more vilified than vice. Few, very few are those who would rather be poor than be criminals.

Embezzlement is a small thing: the scam is not seen as between us; if done vividly, a recommendation matters.

A fire is set by hand to cover a bankruptcy or to play a trick on an Insurance Company.

Among merchants who pass for private, there are those who have had four and five bankruptcies. Politics, religion, are basically commercial negotiations.

Stock companies spread the hope of wealth to the last classes. M. Jaunet values ​​the amount of shares in mines and iron roads at two thousand five hundred million, in the past year. This amount will double within two years.

These companies lend themselves to disastrous speculations: it is very common for powerful businessmen to accumulate shares and lay down the law for the weak. This game is called stock watering: it is estimated that in the past year, twenty-eight companies put 400 million pesos at stake!

“It has been noted, says an American writer, that the privileges of the companies are a direct reason of the resources they have to buy deputies.”

The splendor with which capitalists live, the habit of seeing speculators fall and rise, a certain aura, a certain renown that surrounds daring men, usually produces a crisis like that of 1869.

The waste, the waste, the lack of probity, they want to balance or they say that they balance with charitable institutions, which have with this the complement of that maxim of: “It is good to light two candles, one to God and the other to the devil. . “

Gambling, as one might suppose, is the mania, the madness of California, although it is said that it is prohibited: such a circumstance influences so that the gambling houses do not have the appearance or the luxury that other similar establishments; but on the other hand, the consumption of exquisite liquors is extraordinary in those places where great fortunes are improvised and lost.

When lunch was over, someone suggested a walk in the park, which was enthusiastically accepted.

To our left and in front of us the city was crowded, and it was seen like the faces of a multitude that invades a height and rises to see something pass at its feet.

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