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“Therefore, the competition was fixed on speed, without being able to take advantage of each other in three consecutive trips.

“It was a war in form, large bets were made, the seafarers divided into sides, and the crews of the ships, of a thousand loves, would have turned that stubborn competition into a naval battle.

Thousands of spectators waved their handkerchiefs, raised their hats aloft, and saluted the maritime champions with cheers and claps.

“On one of those trips, perhaps the most committed, in the middle of the crossing, the line of M. Prittson, on which my aunt was traveling, ran out of coal; the anguish was immense, despair was at its height, the crew carried from the deck what could be used as fuel, and the flame devoured everything in moments, swirling smoke rising in the agony of the fire, announcing shame and defeat.

“My aunt, with the courage of Joan of Arc, with an intrepidity worthy of fabulous times, took charge of the desperate situation.

“She ordered that all that was in the holds be thrown into the fire, she excited the sailors, encouraged fallen spirits, predicted victory, anticipating their enthusiasm; but the fuel was lacking: then, and without effort, as if by a saving inspiration, she ordered the boilers to be stoked with her lardo barrel; the flame, fed, revives; steam gains too much thrust; the crew is encouraged; the ship revives, and flying over the waters, arrives triumphantly at the port, with the courageous matron at the stern, who had seized and was fluttering the American flag.

“The competing line did not survive its defeat; They gave my aunt great gifts: despite the fact that his fortune encrypted her lardos barrels, she refused to be paid, saying that when the Company was in funds, it would distribute the value of its barrels among the brave sailors who had achieved that victory. .

and from the bottom of the Kentuky came a very wealthy banker, courted my aunt and married her, declaring her the possessor of an opulent fortune.

“I participated in that fortune, and you see. that my titles of nobility are as good, as those of any European potentate. “

When I parted ways with the gathering that night, I wrote these verses on her Album, which I can’t say I improvised, because I never do anything else:

“ALTHOUGH you. ask for it with a memorial; Although it costs me an arm and a leg to unroll your brow, not even for one of these nine things do I put numbers on my travels. It will be interesting, it will be what you want. ¿

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