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D. Ross, Çev., J. A. Smith), The Works of Aristotle, c. I-XII, OXFORD 1931, C. III, 430A 20-25. From the classical period to modern times, there are these problems with these different circles, while D. Ross has received the translation in the editoral translation. Because the statements that are available, closed and intricate a structure, which has a structure, has also caused many hot discussions that are still not expired by modern Aristotle experts and translators, as well as J. Tricot. Look., Aristotle, in the soul, p. 177, 836. Bottom. Abdurrahman Bedevî, “Nazariyyetü’l-Akli’l-Active ‘INDE’l-Yûnânın and Muslimîn and -lâlın, Aristoteles in Fi’n-Nefs, (Transport. Huneyn b. Ishak, is. , A. Bedouvi), p. 1-14, Dâru’l-pen, 2. Printing, Beirut 1980, p. 1. H. A. Davidson, Age., P. 7. Frank Grange, “Aristotle’s Theory of Reason”, Mind, New Series, Vol. 2, Issue 7 (Jul., 1893), p. 307-318, p. 307; Macit Fahri, History of Islamic Philosophy, (Çev. Nov. Turhan), United Publishing, 5. Printing, Istanbul 2000, p. 162. Eyjolfur Kjas Emilsson, Plotinus on Intellect, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2007, p. 160. Solomon does not turn, XIII. The century Latin ibn is the problem of the intelligence of the mind or the union of the mind in the context of the ridic acid, Adana 2009, p. 64.

It is understood from the CA Translations. As a matter of fact, we see the most comprehensive and beautiful example of this species in the first mind risale, while Kindî (Ö. 866) is the most comprehensive and beautiful example of this type in the mind risal of the Fârâbî (870-950). The IBN Sînâ, (980-1037) is not found to be a detached mind risal, Alexander stands out in terms of the fact that the active mind theory and the philosophy is fully reflected in mind. İBN Rüşd (1126-1198) Heyûlılılılı is especially if the theory of mind that he has revealed the differing artifacts in different works of mind. By Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), it was strongly rejected by the assertion that the individual mind has eliminated the existence of a mind that is common for people, thus continued by gaining a different dimension of mind discussions under the name of the union of minds. In this article in this article, the Jews of El-Baydâdî, which leads to the sight of the thoughts and discussions, which is a wide subject with many dimensions, and the criticism of the criticism that he or she has directed in the head of mind risks (1077-1152 ) We will assess the risal of mind and offer the translation of the work.

The source of mind risks tradition addresses the mind in an individual artifact alone and therefore, Alexander Aphrodisias’s motion is undoubtedly Aristoteles, especially its III. have been the 4th and 5th sections of his book. Aristoteles here, which is one of the most important concepts of the philosophy, and it has been eliminated to the Bilkuv and Effective-Active (Active, Agent) reasoning by applying the causes and perpetrators that he becomes a verb that becomes a verb of the absolutely.

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