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With another statement, it completes the art of appealing and excellent in this section

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According to Farabi, Kadabi words are used to fool any idea of ​​the human being, and the mind is more vigorous and weaker, if it wants to find the mind with the things that are said to be more vigorous, and if it is weak. The words that make the dending the making of the making.46 3.9. According to Poetika Harizmi, the Poetika is the eighth work of the nine of the logic books, while Aristoteles are logic. Poetika means poetry and consists of imaginary statements. From the imaginary statement the intention is to orient to orient to something with the wrong or correct information. Imagine, depicting, depicting this book is used in abundance. According to Harism, it means that his depiction, representation of his representation, representation and dream of the fake.47 Poetika to Farabi consists of the things that are spoken in the spoken thing, with the things that make any state or something more superior or lower. In Poetika, poetry and the events of the formed poem with the various types of words and the laws of testing them in various jobs, as well as the information of the art of poetry, which is the art of the art of the art, which is done, which things are made, which things are made, better, more strong than what things are made. is more brighter and more pleasant, which situations should be found to be more fortunate and more flexible.49

Conclusion Harispension is known as logic works and examined by many Muslims logic and examined, isagococencies, categories, perihermenias, analysis, apotiktika, topics, soficism, retorica and poetika, including total nine work on the contents of the total work. It is quite a summary of topics, soficism, rhetorica and poetica sections, almost as definitions of them. This may be due to the encyclopedical nature of the work and the Muslim logicists in the period inhabited are more likely to stand on the parts of Organon. Isagococi, Categories, Perihermenias, Analutics, APOTOTTICA The contents of the works were kept broader than the relative. Among these, the harism is mostly located to Analutics. Harism, ie the title of perihermenias, ie gold-

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It is also not touching conditional propositions. Under the analysis title, only the description of the predicate conditional premise is provided with an example. Harism, while determining the form of the form of compared to the form of the middle term, there is no evaluation in which in which case it should be made in large proposition or small proposition.

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