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Infhali qualifications and infias are examined in the fifth chapter; In the sixth Chapter, a team of doubts remaining in relation to the subject is located. The sixth of the sixth article is subject to examine the types of the fourth of the nature; How the angle finds Vuku in the description, quantity or position, however with the composition of how to be the type in which the rope is in the same time, and the remaining doubts are subject to the second chapter. In addition to the fact that the difference between qualifications is qualified, in the third chapter to examine the lands and properties of the qualifications and the characteristics of the qualifications; It is included in the fourth chapter to solve suspicion of the characteristics of the qualifications and others. In the fifth chapter, the subject of time and space / place categories are subject to review. The sixth chapters are included in the evaluations of those who are back from the ten categories. The subjects discussed in the seventh article can be summarized in briefly: instanties, ie the subject of the recipients are discussed in the first chapter; The second chapter is included in the examination of doubts about the corresponding subject matter. While the subject of the provisions and properties in the opposites is subjected to the third chapter; Finally, in the fourth chapter, the priority and submission are included in the disclosure.

After making this summary about the work, we can say as a result; The work is carefully read and examined, it will be seen that Ibn Sînâ is a highly comprehensive competence, where the İBN Sînâ became a highly comprehensive course of Aristoteles from the original text of Aristoteles. At the same time, the philosopher also reveals its critical attitude regarding the approaches of the aristotle aspects of both the work and the importance of the work in logic science. Finally, it is to be able to be settled with the evaluations on the categories and the increase in the increasing on them will be delicitously. When these evaluations are taken into account, the importance of the work in terms of both logic sciences and the contribution to the reasoning of logic texts, which will be understated in terms of logic texts, will be understood to be considered significantly.

In the discussions of the relationship of the language-thinking relationship, the nahiv science determines the accuracy of any statement is nahiv, which tests the accuracy of the expression of the level of thinking of the tongue level. In some directions in terms of the subject and purpose of these two prospects, in some aspects, it is a course of reconciliation in some directions. On one side, as it emerged as a science, the majority of domestic and foreign societies, which have the largest interest in domestic and foreign societies, and the main material is on the other side, but the main material is tongue, but also the same to the tongue and the same At the time of assistance to all sciences, alleged loanships are loin.

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