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1. Haddi Evsat Suğranda Mahmûl is called the first shape if the cubbuilding is due. Masque: This mining is coal. Each coal lights up. If so, this mine lights up. The coal, which has been evolved on this comparison, the Mahmûl, the coal is the Cubbus. In this way, compared to the first shape. 2. Haddi Evsat is the second shape if there is Mahmûl. Masque: Every person sees. None of the trees see. None of the people is not the tree. 3. Haddi Evsat is the third shape in both of the legislation. Masque: Every person reads. Each person is a nest. If it is, some readers are in the art. 4. Haddi Evsat Assumed Legislation, the fourth shape is the fourth if the cub. Massey: Every human cries. Is every speaking person. If so is some weeping-speaking. Reasoning of the shapes The first figure was first ranked because the mind is fully suitable for the nature nature. Because the ferds of the Rolled Asgar were included in the scope of the Evaluation. The ferds of the rolled evidence were included in the scope of the rolled sunday. This plumende has been entry into the scope of the sunday of the Mounted Mounted. The second rating of the second shape is because the shape of the asset is to match. The shape of the solution is to be the third degree, because the shape of the cubate is to match the house. The shape is the fourth way, as the assemblage is not complying in the cub of the cub. Cooker consists of the combination of excavations. The excavations are divided into four parts. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Four of these exchanges are in the fourth of the same four casuals in the face of the four. 4.4 = 16 DROWS. Four figures are also made of these bars. The form of the shape of the elephant is both: 1. The Mûcibe is Mûcibe: If it wasn’t Mûcibe, the Haddi Asgar could not enter into the marriage. The CubBrae did not cross the reigns on Evsat.

2. Having the top of the Cubistries: If Kübrâ had had a completed part of the world, it would be dominated. Haddi was not known whether the asg is from the part of this dominated part. In these circumstances, the first shape becomes four DROWS. 1. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milklin, Cubre Muscle Milklin, Subway: Muğiğiçe Milkliye. Masque: Works on each request. Each employee achieves. Accomplish each request. 2. DARB: SUCCIYGE CIRCULAR MIRCLE, CONTRABY CULTURE, SUSPENSE: Surge in the ingury. Masque: Every Muslim says correctly. None of those who say right is bad. None of the Muslims are bad. 3. DARB: Suvibeyi Lection, Cubre Muscle Cockets, Subway: Mûcibi Lection. Masis: Some man makes it prayer. Is Muslim that makes each prayer. Some people are muslims. 4. DARB: Sensa Mûcibeyi Lection, CubBlube Unculpte, Subtociation: Surface is the LEC. Masis: Some human fasting. None of those who are fasting is disbeliever. Some human being is disbeliever. The shape of the batches is relative to the value of the beam. The first value is mildr, the second value is Mûcibe. Darbs are in the first degree if both mixtures and mûcibe are merged from the mucadmias and this is sorted according to the mühli and Mûcibe values.

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