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In cases that negatively in Turkey today, the increase in smog and air pollution. This week the wind will break a little bit of freezing colds from Lodostan via Egypt. While rainfall is not expected in most places, the Aegean will take precipitation. With Canada, the north of America, and rarely, the colds that are so extreme are increasing the effect of the weekend. In Istanbul, the sphere of the week is not very obvious, it will usually be misty and cloudy. But there is a change in the direction of the wind, it is no longer too freezing to blow warm. Ankara has again foggy and fodder, day -2, night -8 degrees. Izmir is warming up, the wind will blow more warm but the clouds are busy, the temperature is 14 degrees. Bursa hazy 11, Adana will turn 20 degrees in sunny. In Marmara, the winds are beginning to blow the lodostan, so the weather will be more warm even if the temperature does not increase too much. From Wednesday, the morning is no longer too freezing, the temperature will rise to 13-14s in the day, there are 2 days in the region, while the next days will pass on cloudy. In the inner Anatolia, the mist will last, in this region, the Lodos will increase the temperature of the lodos, at least it will soften the air a little. The temperature is still below zero in the morning. The noon does not cross zero. Lodos under the influence of the EGE to bite the air, it will also bring rain, Muğla 16 degrees. Week will be overwill clouded. Wednesday is rain on Southern Eege. Friday is the most rainy and windy day. In the Mediterranean, the wind will warm a little bit of the lodostan, Antalya 19 degrees. The freezing cold in the Southeast will break a bit of the lodos on Thursday. It will last severe icing and cold in Eastern Anatolia. Erzurum Day -6 is going down to -16 degrees at night. The Black Sea entry into an arid period, there is no rainfall across the week, the next days will blow Lodos, but the temperature will still not exceed 14 degrees. From Bolu, the mist drives the mist.

Tender announcement Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor will be sold from the municipality of the property, the property of our municipality and the following properties shall be tender to the sale of the commercials specified. 1) Encumen Registration No: 2919 2) Information on immovable: a) Province: Istanbul B) County: Koidhane C) Bindi: Land D) PAFTA NO: –E) Island No: 6242 F) Parcel No: 4 H) Parcel No: 4 H) Share Rate: 129/215 i) Current: occupy G) Areasure: 215 m2 j) Zoning status: Housing area. TEAŞ-TEDAŞ cannot be applied without opinion of opinion K) Foundation of N): None I) Address (Cadde-Sokak-No): Merkez (Gültepe) Mah.

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